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Mercurius Dom Maklerski


Mercurius Dom Maklerski Sp. z o.o. (Mercurius Brokerage House Ltd) is a company, founded in 2005, acting on a basis of license granted by the Polish Securities and Exchange Commission (former KPWiG, today KNF). Our brokerage activities involve:

  • acceptance  and  transfer  of  orders  to  acquire  or dispose  of  broker-traded financial instruments,
  • execution  of  the  orders for  the  account  of  the customer,
  • acquisition  or  disposal,  for  the  broker’s  account,  of  broker-traded  financial instruments,
  • investment advisory,
  • provision of services under standby underwriting agreements and firm commitment underwriting agreements or execution and performance of other similar agreements on broker-traded financial instruments,
  • safekeeping or recording of financial instruments, including maintaining securities accounts and cash accounts,
  • advising  companies on capital structure, corporate strategy and other matters related to such structure or strategy,
  • advisory and other services relating to mergers, demergers and acquisitions of companies,
  • investment and financial analyses as well as other recommendations on transactions including financial instruments,
  • additional services related to standby underwriting and firm commitment underwriting.